We started Exclusive Solutions because we love to help people…and we are good at it!  We have the skills and experience to help balance your life or make that special event perfect for you.  We feel like the luckiest people on the planet to get to do what we love best everyday.  Call us today to see how our staff can help YOU!

Prior to forming Exclusive Solutions, Paula proudly served in the Air Force and has transitioned to the civilian sector after 28 years of dedicated service.  Her role in Exclusive Solutions is to manage and execute your requests!   She has a passion for taking care of people, is extremely organized and a fanatic with time management.

Bryan is a George Washington University alumnus where he received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and is thrilled to be utilizing his business and financial education and experience in support of Exclusive Solutions.  When he is not supporting Exclusive Solutions, he runs his own financial advisory firm.

Fun Facts You Might Want to Know:

I have a Masters in Tourism and Masters of Strategic Public Relations from George Washington University.  These two programs have afforded me education that is directly beneficial to the success of Exclusive Solutions.

I am always professional but can be playful and goofy at times (just ask my husband) because I believe we are only on this crazy planet once and need to make the most of life while we are here!

I admit it; I love watching reality shows. It’s the calm in my busy days. In addition to the many reasons I love my husband, one reason is that he always watches the shows with me so we can talk about them together.

I met my my husband in 2004 and had no idea at the time how lucky I was. Every day I am thankful for meeting him and blessed to share my life with him. He is the kindest person I will ever meet.

Things You Might Want to Know About Me:

I love to travel – if you can’t find me, I may have snuck my wife to our favorite vacation spot in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies.

I exercise as often as possible whether it be a run on the treadmill or a nice walk around Old Town.

When I want to get away from a chaotic day, I go to my happy place; an episode of Modern Family and escape in their humor and good, family message.

I enjoy dabbling in the financial markets.

My wife is my best friend.  We have been married since 2006 and I was never happier than I have been for the last 12 years.  Her and I have different ideas on various aspects of life and business, but we strike a great balance.